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Healthy shoes – new senses

What is the right footwear for me at this stage of my development? It’s a flat sole for living in the forest or a small heel lift for wearing in the city, a flexible sole where the foot bends without any shoes, namely between 1/4 and 2/4 of the sole, attention! – not in the middle!

It’s an expanded toe, allowing toe movement without squeezing them. It’s working on the foot while walking, which initially intensified unpleasant sensations (well, how without it, they had been forming for years), and then – a pleasant relief, like after an osteopath or massage.

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The blog returns…

I cannot believe that I am entering same river again. Things have changed a lot … Once, Katya Nikitonok’s blog was created as a personal business representation. With my name and the example of my children, I was ready to guarantee safety of Tetra Pak packaging, vote for the company’s customers, give recommendations to mothers who are thinking what to feed, how to feed and how much to give …

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Dear Readers, In the professional part of this blog I share my knowledge on baby food, upbringing, psychology and psychotherapy and in the personal part there are life hacks on travelling and my kids’ hobbies. Only the things, I believe in and which I practiced with my beloved ones or myself.

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