Hello to those interested,

I cannot believe that I am entering same river again. Things have changed a lot … Once, Katya Nikitonok’s blog was created as a personal business representation. With my name and the example of my children, I was ready to guarantee safety of Tetra Pak packaging, vote for the company’s customers, give recommendations to mothers who are thinking what to feed, how to feed and how much to give … At a certain point, blog’s popularity began messing up with working affairs and it was necessary to make a choice. There was also a feeling at that point that almost everything I wanted, I already had said. For these two reasons, I chose Tetra Pak and the blog temporarily faded away. However, the idea of ​​returning to it has never perished. I have now not been working in Tetra Pak for more than two years, and my interests from the field of baby food have expanded to the area of ​​child psychology, then general psychology and psychotherapy. Also, optionally, I take pictures, mostly of children and dancing competitions reports, while not professionally, but at the level of a stable hobby. Again there is a need to share.

Blog’s reconstruction took more than a year. Such a late child. According to my observations, for the project to be successful, 9 months are necessary for implementation, so to say, to bear a child. Here it turned out a little longer). I hope it’s rather positive than negative. Moreover, my younger son, Matvey, was born on the 44th week, when I was already being frightened with terrible phrases “fetal death, mother’s death” … Apparently, it was alright, I’ve got the great boy! That’s why I also believe in the blog.

What will the blog be about now? It will be about things interesting to me, about things I am ready to vote for, about things I believe in and those I have checked personally. If to consider topics, the blog is divided into two areas – professional activity (Nutrition and Psychotherapy) and hobby (Travel, Dancing, Moto and Photo).

I still have a lot to say on nutrition and, specifically, on baby food. Sliding into writing of recipes or daily rations is not something I want, as this is not my strongest point. Benefit + safety + rationality in the selection of products = the formula of this section. And the specifics depend on the requests, I will write about things, my readers are interested in.

Psychology is a huge topic, in which I am now more than in nutrition. This is a field where you can start learning, and it is almost impossible to stop. I study and work in the direction of Client-Centered Therapy, I can tell a lot about this direction. My second specialization is Kids’ Psychotherapy. Well, the third, rather, applied direction, but now the most beloved is Conflictology. The mix of directions is not a “compote”. Each of them for me echoes the rest and has a deep meaning. Another reason to post this topic on a blog is that it’s my current main job. Often I hear that potential clients rate me based on the FB profile. I decided that my FB profile is a private territory. In the FB format, I am not ready to share deep thoughts and theorize about work. Let it be here.

Well, hobby sections do not need a special presentation. Travelling is a widely-written-about topic of today.  In my descriptions, I try to proceed practically. I talk about what might be useful for those travelling after me. Brief reviews about the trips will still remain on FB, here I will move what complies with the definition of “essay”.

Moto is another deep topic for me that started unexpectedly from a motorcycle driving lesson, as a birthday present in 2011 and with the subsequent purchase of an “iron horse” in May 2012. With the theft of that horse in March 2018, it never stopped. Motorcycle tightly became a part of me, and without the possibility of traveling on it, I cannot imagine the spring-summer-autumn period. Everything written on this topic will be here. Moto reports are “girlish”, I do not pretend to be highly technical, but for me the motorcycle is quite a female mode of transport, and no one will convince me of the opposite.

Well, dancing is Andrew. The hobby of the older child gradually grew into the hobby of our entire family. Tournaments, trips, and my development in the field of photography is what attracts me here. I like to catch emotions of the moments on the floor and keep the history of them. Here, probably, there won’t be much text; yet, who knows.

So, let’s go … For quick access to publications, a mailing list has been created, well, I will be very happy to receive your questions and comments in order to understand in which direction to develop.

Yours, Katya 😉